Kine Industries

Kine Industries is an Oregon-based manufacturer of over-the-counter cannabinoid products including CBD-CBG lozenges and tinctures.

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Phil Horning, CEO and Owner
Kine came to OneScout looking for assistance with its online marketing with a focus on driving more traffic to Kine’s Shopify store. 


The engagement presented unique challenges due to the fact that Kine, like other CBD and CBG product manufacturers, is limited in terms of what marketing channels are available, including a total ban on paid social media marketing. The FDA also places strict limitations on the health benefit claims that Kine can make about its products. Given these limitations, we focused on technical SEO.
  • OneScout worked with Kine to better organize its informational content in a resource library with improved linking to top category and product pages.
  • We also focused on reducing duplicate content, a common issue for e-comm platforms like Shopify through noindex tags.
  • We worked to consolidate backlink equity with proper canonical tags.
  • We helped Kine Optimize its page titles and meta tags for strategic keywords.

Controlling indexation and consolidating equity has been a cornerstone of technical strategy.

Over the next six months, Kine experienced significant growth in organic traffic to its website, including a 96 percent jump in Users and 95 percent jump in New Users. 

Our ongoing engagement with Kine is a great example of how OneScout approaches obstacles as an opportunity. We take a data-driven approach to bringing scalable solutions to small and medium-sized businesses that embrace a growth mentality. 

We thrive at the fork of obstacles and breakthroughs.

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