BioDesign Supplements

BioDesign Supplements is an online supplements business based in Central Oregon. Bio-Design operates in a highly competitive and highly regulated space. Competitors include other small-to-mid-size supplement companies selling direct to consumers as well as e-comm platforms like Amazon and traditional retailers, including Wal-Mart.

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Phil Horning, CEO and Owner
Like many small independently owned businesses, Bio-Design has limited resources and needed to make the most of its marketing investments. 

Bio-Design came to OneScout in late 2022 and asked for help bringing more organic traffic to its Shopify store. 

OneScout began by auditing the website for basic search engine optimization improvements. We identified top products and associated keywords and began better optimizing pages within the existing Shopify. The goal was to get maximum ROI with a minimal amount of expensive technical changes to the platform. We used keyword driven research combined with a data on user behavior, to update content on top product and category pages. 

Within a few months we saw immediate improvements in keyword rank and traffic. 

In the first three months of 2023, Bio-Design’s top keywords improved an average of more than 13 positions in the search results page, moving from Page 3 to Page 1 in the SERP.

Bio-Designs Share of Voice (it’s percentage of top keyword positions) increase by almost 30 percent. In the process it moved ahead of popular product review sites and some of the larger e-comm resellers.

The improvements in keyword position had an immediate impact on traffic. Bio-Design Organic traffic to Bio-Design’s store jumped more than 70 percent for the same period.

In addition to driving more traffic to the site, OneScout also focused on improvising the user experience to increase conversions and revenue.

We helped Bio-Design develop a new navigation that allowed customers to more easily search for and navigate between top products and categories.

OneScout’s work with Bio-Design is an example of how taking care of basic, technical SEO requirements, combined with an advanced understanding of audience and search behavior can drive significant improvements in organic search marketing. Unlike paid campaigns and other direct marketing, these investments continue to pay dividends week after week and month after month, long after the initial work has been completed. It’s proof that low-hanging is there in plain sight. Sometimes you just need another set of eyes to bring it into focus.

We thrive at the fork of obstacles and breakthroughs.

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